Estate Planning Notary In-Home Services

Complete estate plan documents with in-home notary service.

A mobile notary can help you execute estate plan documents in the comfort of your home. My mobile notary services in the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo area include estate planning notary in-home services.

If it’s inconvenient to visit your law office to sign the documents due to time constraints or mobility challenges, or you have prepared them yourself, I can attend your signing of a power of attorney and/or will and notarize them where required.

Can I Get My Power of Attorney Notarized at Home?

Yes. My mobile notary service allows you to sign your power of attorney at a time and place that works for you. I’m flexible with my appointment times, including after hours. I accommodate people who can’t meet with a notary during normal business hours or prefer the convenience of in-home notarization.

Who Needs to Sign a Power of Attorney?

You will sign your own power of attorney. Additionally, the paperwork normally includes a page where your agent or attorney-in-fact signs to acknowledge that he or she has been named to act on your behalf according to the terms of the document.

As the notary, I will notarize your signature on your power of attorney. This act shows the world that I, as a neutral third party commissioned by the State of Michigan, checked your identification and confirmed that you signed the document willingly. To this end, you will need to show me government-issued picture ID.

Checking the ID of the signer of a power of attorney is very important due to the control over your affairs that the document may authorize now or in the future.

Can I Get My Will Notarized at Home?

Yes, if you choose to have a notary sign and stamp your will in addition to witnesses, I can attend your signing and do so. I will need to see a valid government-issued, picture ID to confirm your identity as the signer of the will.

To schedule in-home notary service for your estate planning documents, please call or text me, Tracy Falbe.



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